Samara – a seed with wings

Samara by Conall O’Caoimh – SOLD

A ‘Samara’ is a seed with wings. Nature uses the wind to spread the seed. The wall of a seed extends itself so that the wind blows the seed further from the parent plant in the process of ‘anemochory’ or dispersal by the wind.  

The form of this Samara evokes the ‘helicopter’ of an Acer.

Samaras embody play, from Acers to Ash and Dandelion we played with them as children and they have the power to stir memory and emotion. 

The Viewer 

The nine glass panels in the form catch the sunlight and lamplight engaging the viewer. Close-up, the shape and texture of repurposed glass bottles can be traced in the glass panels. 

The Making Process

Samara is made with salvaged and eco aware materials – nels are held in the polished concrete samara form. The nine glass panels are held in the polished concrete form. The glass has been fused in the kiln. The structure was free-formed by hand and then polished to a shine. 1.7m.

On close examination the forms of the repurposed glass bottles are evident in the glass panels. 

Samara was selected for Sculpture in Context (Botanic Gardens, 2020), but that show was cancelled due to lockdown, so the work has not been displayed previously except in our own garden.

Installing ‘Samara’ in its new home.


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