Diversity in Bloom

I was delighted when garden designer Linda McKeown invited me to make a bespoke sculpture for the ‘Diversity Garden’ she was designing for Enable Ireland at Bloom 2019. And even more delighted when the judges awarded the garden a gold medal and ‘best in category’.

The theme of the garden is Diversity Values Everyone Equally, and my piece was to signify everyone living to their full.

It is an abstract piece in the form of a single ribbon which curves to the shape of a dancer and reflects the curves in the garden. It is made of polished concrete – and takes onto a vertical axis the polished concrete patio of the garden.

The concrete uses EcoCem and inside is a skeleton of salvaged steel. The process is free-formed without a mould, and then highly polished through a (long) sequence of sandings and polishings. It is 183cm high by 104x45cm.

I am glad to say that the sculpture now goes to the new Enable Ireland service under construction in Cork. Enable Ireland provides services to children and adults with disabilities and their families www.enableireland.ie

This was my second year to make a sculpture for Linda’s garden at Bloom. And also in 2018 the garden had won gold and best in category. www.blueleafgardendesign.com

Many of the works shown here have been sold, but I can always make one specially for you.

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