On A Roll

I am enjoying making a set of hares at present, each one different. They have been getting taller all the time but now fill the kiln to the top, so will have to stop at 62cm. Keeping this legs in the air was not easy, either as wet clay or in the kiln at 1260 degrees Celsius. 

I want to capture the unstoppable and frolicking spirit of the hare, exuberant with he energy of spring. And have a bit of fun.

Hare on a Roll II, 62cm
SOLD at Gormley’s Fine Art, St. Frederick St. Dublin 2

I also try to look after the practicalities – so the clay I use is stoneware, which means that it is frost-hardy for outdoors. There is a hole underneath for securing him to a plinth or onto a wall, etc. 

Hare on a Roll III, 62cm – SOLD
Hare on a Roll II, 54cm. Sold

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