Her-Story In the Making – Ceramic stoneware, 49cm.

In Her-story the young woman shares her personal experience, and in doing so shapes our communal her-story.

The power of the personal story is transformative and shapes a new society and a new shared her-story.  The voices of women and minorities have long been silenced, but when voiced shape a more diverse future.

The woman’s clothes and hair are contemporary, yet the chair she sits upon is a traditional country-kitchen chair, referencing the dialogue between generations, sexes, identities and world views. The woman’s hand to her chest, she speaks from deep personal experience, leaning forward, the conversation important to her. The other hand reaches out connecting to the listener and the viewer.

Essential to the recent changes in Irish society and politics has been the voices of people who shared their personal experience and identity with their family and friends. Often people who previously were conservative in their outlook became advocates when their loved ones (daughters, sons, grandchildren), were impacted by social and legal restrictions on their freedom.  Such conversations were often both traumatic and therapeutic for those involved. Without them such change would not have occurred.

Further dialogue is urgently required, locally and globally to overcome prejudice and address the many areas of division among people.

Ceramic stoneware, 49cm. The copper-bronze glaze is timeless.

Her-story. Woman tells her story, changes society

Her-Story, Ceramic Stoneware, 49cm

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