Can you give us a dig-out, Big Fella

Can you give us a dig-out, Big Fella - sq.jpg

This garden spade is inspired by what Charlie Haughey said to Ben Dunne when looking for him to support his lavish lifestyle. In case you don’t know who they are, Charlie was then the Taoiseach/Prime Minister of Ireland, and Ben Dunne was a businessman. The donations later emerged at an official tribunal investigating corruption. Charlie was the one who told the Irish people “We must all tighten our belts”.

Ceramic stoneware, 104cm tall, weather-proof.


Can you give us a dig-out Big Fella.jpg

This other version of the spade stands in my vegetable garden.

Garden spade blue

Many of the works shown here have been sold. But I can always make one specially for you.

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