Demo Kit

All my life I have been involved in campaigns for human rights, trade justice, and debt relief. Activism is part of who I am. So it is hardly a surprise that it would make its way into my ceramic work.

This piece I made in response to a request by Ceramics Ireland for members to contribute small works to a fundraiser in aid of the association. The guideline was that the piece should fit in a matchbox.

Initially I struggled with what ‘miniature’ object I could fit into a matchbox. It was when I freed up my thinking from miniature that the inspiration began to flow. Instead I thought of what issue I would like to speak about, that the answer was easy.

Demonstration Kit
Porcelain and timber, 9 banners fit in the matchbox 8x5x3cm. SOLD

I am glad to join my voice to those of the Palestinian people calling for justice.

Many of the works shown here have been sold. But I can always make one specially for you.

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