Best Time to Plant a Tree

Tree of Hope - Bloom 2018.jpgI made the ‘Tree of Hope’ at the invitation of garden designer Brian Burke. It is white with hope and gold with promise.

It was the third sculpture I made for his ‘Moving Statues to Marriage Equality’ garden at Bloom in the Park 2018.  Its full title is ‘The best time to plant a tree is 30 years ago; the second best time is today’, inspired by the Kenyan phrase, and matching the 30th anniversary of Woodies DIY who were the sponsor of the garden. 

The tree stands at 2.1 meters tall and is comprised of six segments. It is made of stoneware clay covered with a layer of porcelain clay. The leaves are porcelain with a gold glaze and are joined to the tree by wire.

The tree is fully frost hardy. It is mounted in a garden by a metal pole that is secured in the earth and goes up through the centre. Four roots spread out at the base which also add stability.

While it is not any specific tree, its shape is inspired by a Schefflera Taiwaniana that grows in my own garden, and the knots by those on birch trees.

The tree featured in many pieces of media coverage during Bloom.

Available for sale at Gallery Zozimus, 56, Frencis St. Dublin 8.

Tree of Hope - Top of Tree
The Best Time to Plant a Tree is 30 Years Ago; The Second Best Time is Today.

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