Couple as Pillar

In this series I am seeking to express something of the strength that I receive in my relationship and that I hope I also offer to my partner.

The ‘pillar’ is upright and strong. Not how I am on my own.  It represents the support we are for each other, so the sculptures are tall and slim, columnar, but also robust and as if hewn from the one stone. No not hewn, but merged – in the kiln of life.

Neither of us look anything like these shapely characters, but we do gain strength from each other. Together stronger. I am daily aware of how I am strengthened by my partner – she helps me stand upright. Thankfully I also get opportunities to reciprocate and help her through tough times.  There too are days we carry each other. Behind these vague sentences are specific times and many experiences that have been difficult, humbling and rich in depth.

Shortly I will add other sculptures in this series celebrating the strength that same-sex couples create together. Watch this space.

I am in admiration of people who live well alone – by choice or not. How might I express that in clay?


SOLD – to a collector in the Netherlands

This sculpture is 62cm in height, made from stoneware (so frost hardy), and with a speckled green and blue glaze. It combines angles and curved lines to emphasise the separate forms that together become one. Upright and facing the future together. Is he giving her back-up, or is she protecting him? Both.

I am glad to say the sculpture below is on its way to Spain as I write (my first ‘export sale’). At 60cm tall, weighing 10kg, and hand-built from stoneware clay it is glazed with a green-blue glaze that is matt in parts and glossy in others. She and he have distinct textures.  Looking out to the world, facing it together, they are a muscular and curvy pair. They certainly do not represent my partner and I in form, but yes in composition. I wish them long and happy days in the sun their new Spanish garden.



SOLD to a collector in Spain.

Many of the works shown here have already been sold, but I can always make a new one specially for you.

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