I do of course welcome commissions!

How it works is you tell me what person, event or moment you are wanting to mark. Together we explore how that can best be done in ceramic. I will usually sketch a few ideas on paper or develop a prototype. Then the making starts and you end up with a unique and lasting gift.

 sgt-pepper-drum CoC


I was delighted to be commissioned to make a gift marking the wedding of Carina Elliott to Vinny May, the drummer of top band #Kodaline. It took a couple of prototypes to solve the technical challenges involved, but D&G were delighted to be offering such a unique piece.

This year also marks the 50th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper’s, so in conversation with the client we decided to build on that theme, though personalised for Carina and Vinny. A drum might be a very flat looking ornament, so I employed coils, layering, texture and colour to give it extra dimension and bring it to life.

Shown here is a prototype whereas the actual gift was further personalised for the happy couple.  Stoneware, part unglazed, texture of lace fabric to rear, and stain.   24×24 x 20cm.


Kitty loves her donkeys, so to celebrate a special occasion I was asked to mark it in ceramic.


30 x 21cm in stoneware, crank clay, with a green-blue matt glaze. SOLD

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